Three events are organised annually in 2023 and 2024 (two online and one face-to-face event each year) for the members of the European Rural Mobility Network (ERMN). The European Rural Mobility Network primarily engages representatives of rural areas (including both rural municipalities and regions). Furthermore, interested stakeholder organisations and networks, as well as sectoral (e.g. tourism) organisations will also be engaged as multipliers of SMARTA-NET outcomes.


Past events:

1st ERMN Meeting (Online), 6-7 June 2023: Current and emerging practices in rural mobility services and success factors OPEN the 1st ERMN Meeting

2nd ERMN Meeting (Face-to-face) on 10-12 October 2023 in Bingen: Guidance on connecting touristic destinations to sustainable mobility networks and adapting mobility offers to tourist and residents’ needs OPEN the 2nd ERMN Meeting

3rd ERMN Meeting (Online), 31 January 2024 : Guidance on integrating the rural dimension into existing Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans OPEN 3rd ERMN Meeting

4th ERMN Meeting (Online), 13 March 2024 : Enhancing Rural Mobility & Tourism through Data-Driven Solutions OPEN 4th ERMN Meeting

Upcoming events:

5th ERMN Meeting (Face-to-Face), 14-16 May 2024 (Évora/Portugal) : Evaluation analysis, findings and preliminary recommendations

6th ERMN Meeting (Online),  in 3rd of July : Guidance on how to use available support to sustainable tourism in rural areas and suitable financing sources for investment

Final Conference (Face-to face) 24 October 2024 in Brussels