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ERMN The European Rural Mobility Network

The ERMN consists of two main groups:

  • The Network of Rural Municipalities

  • Rural Mobility Multipliers (regions and organisations that have the mandate and capacity to mobilise and support mobility services in rural municipalities)

The European Rural Mobility Network (ERMN) is set up with the aim to enable the sharing of knowledge and experiences among local authorities, practitioners and experts on rural mobility.

A set of lighthouse sites – municipalities and regional entities – have been identified. SMARTA-NET is working closely with these sites to test out key activities and outcomes of the SMARTA-NET project and roll these out further to other rural municipalities.
We aim for the ERMN to have a future beyond the project, to be shaped by the Members themselves during 2024.
The SMARTA-NET project is structured to ensure benefit for sites to participate. This is especially so for the Lighthouse Sites, who will have access to all the SMARTA-NET materials and support in some of the research work of direct interest to their situation.

The ERMN will have several opportunities of interaction in the course of 2023 and 2024:

Activities of the European Rural Mobility Network

  • 4 online ERMN meetings and 2 face-to-face meetings will be organised to discuss ‘current and emerging practices in rural mobility services and success factors’ (online), ‘guidance on connecting touristic destinations to sustainable mobility networks (face-to-face); ‘guidance on integrating the rural dimension into existing Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans’ (online); ‘training modules for municipalities and other local stakeholders’ (online); evaluation analysis (face-to-face), and findings and preliminary recommendations (online)
  • 4 Guidelines on ‘Connecting touristic destinations to sustainable mobility networks’, ‘The rural dimension of SUMPs’, ‘Policy & Financing’ and ‘Evaluating changing attitudes towards mobility’.
  • 4 in-country mobility training sessions (in selected countries) on ‘Rural shared mobility solutions’, ‘Mobility and tourism cross sectoral synergies and implications’, ‘Sustainable Mobility Plans’, ‘Funding and financing opportunities’.
  • Final Conference to share the SMARTA-NET outcomes with the ERMN members and other interested stakeholders.

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