Šaleška Valley - Slovenia

Nestled in the heart of Slovenia, Šaleška Valley is a captivating destination that combines natural beauty with a rich cultural heritage. Surrounded by the rugged Kamnik-Savinja Alps and enveloped in lush forests, the valley is an ideal retreat for outdoor enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike.

Throughout the landscape, quaint villages stand as bastions of tradition and strong community ties, offering visitors an authentic glimpse into Slovenian life.

The Šaleška River, with its clear waters, not only adds to the valley’s scenery but also provides opportunities for kayaking and fishing. This river embodies the essence of Šaleška Valley, where nature and culture coexist harmoniously.

The valley proudly showcases its Slovenian heritage through festivals and local craftsmanship, allowing travelers to engage with the region’s traditions and artistry.

Šaleška Valley places a strong emphasis on sustainable mobility, with offerings like the “Lokalc” free city transport in Velenje, automated city bike rentals, a bicycle bus accommodating up to 30 passengers and their bikes, and the cross-border “Štrekna” bus connecting cyclists between Slovenia and Austria. These options promote eco-conscious travel within the region.

A notable attraction in the valley is Velenje Lake, one of Slovenia’s largest, offering activities such as swimming and boating amidst stunning natural surroundings.

Šaleška Valley welcomes responsible exploration, offering a blend of nature, culture, and sustainable transportation alternatives. It’s a destination where Slovenia’s spirit thrives, inviting all who visit to uncover its hidden treasures while embracing an environmentally conscious ethos.

Beyond the city of Velenje, Šaleška Valley extends into rural areas where agriculture

has been a way of life. These communities are increasingly embracing tourism, inviting visitors to experience the genuine charm of countryside living.




Local Administrative Unit (LAU)

Key characteristics

Šaleška Valley is located in the northeastern part of Slovenia, nestled between the Kamnik-Savinja Alps to the north and the Posavje Hills to the south, with the Šalek Lakes and the Saleska River (known as Savinja River) running through it.

Mobility & tourism challenges

Šaleška Valley faces several mobility and tourism challenges that impact its potential for tourism development.

One significant challenge is the limited accessibility, particularly for tourists arriving by air. The valley is located 80 kilometers away from Brnik Airport, which can deter international travelers who prefer more convenient transportation options. Additionally, the relatively poor train accessibility, with a lengthy 2.5-hour journey to the capital, Ljubljana, makes it less attractive for tourists relying on public transportation.

On a positive note, the valley offers free bus public transport for its residents, which can encourage local tourism but may not be sufficient to attract external visitors.

The lack of a car-sharing system and the ongoing construction of a fast-speed road are indicative of the region’s heavy reliance on private vehicles. While improved car accessibility can benefit local tourists, it may also contribute to environmental concerns if not accompanied by sustainable transport initiatives.

Tourism development is hindered by the valley’s industrial background and a limited number of tourism-related businesses. The region lacks a distinct tourism identity or image, making it challenging to market itself as a tourist destination. This is reflected in the low number of tourists, which is compounded by a high proportion of one-day visitors, limiting the economic impact of tourism.

Mobility and tourism solutions

Free public bus

There are multiple free public transport solutions in Šaleška Valley.“ Lokalc” is a free public transport service in the Municipality of Velenje, which is provided by special yellow buses with a capacity of at least 19 seats and 20 standing places, all with wheelchair seats. Furthermore, a free bus line can also be found in the Municipality of Šoštanj.


“Štrekna” bus

The Štrekna bus is a cyclist-friendly transport service connecting Koroška in Slovenia with Austria. It facilitates access to the well-organized Mislinjska Valley cycling route during the summer months (July to September) on weekends and holidays. The bus accommodates 30 passengers and carries up to 16 bicycles.

Passengers can purchase tickets on the bus or at select stations in Velenje and Slovenj Gradec. Ticket prices are aligned with standard intercity bus fares in Slovenia, and bicycle transportation is complimentary.

The route includes stops in Velenje, Gornji Dolič, Mislinja, Slovenj Gradec, Otiški Vrh, Dravograd, and Labot (Lavamünd) in Austria, with a total journey time of about 1 hour and 20 minutes between Velenje and Labot/Lavamünd.

Passengers have the option to transfer to a bus with a bicycle trailer in Labot, enabling access to the Labot Valley’s R10 cycle route. The Štrekna bus schedule is synchronized with the Maribor to Pliberk summer bicycle train, facilitating seamless cycling experiences along Štrekna, the Drava cycle path, and the Labotska valley cycle path, all while connecting to public passenger transport.

Organisations involved at the Lighthouse Site

Zavod za Turizem Šaleške doline / Šalek Valley Tourist Board:

Mobility solutions at the Lighthouse Site


More info here: https://www.visitsaleska.si/en/experiences/green/


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