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Narni is a small municipality located in the province of Terni, in Umbria Region in central Italy. It is placed 240 meters above the level of the sea, with an altitude hike ranging from 40 to 910 m above sea-level. It has a hilly and mountainous landscape, and the river Nera passes near the north-west area of the city. Narni is 197,99 km2 in size, and the total population of the area is 17 914 at the beginning of 2023 census. It is about 90 km from Rome, 85 km from Perugia, and 13 km from the provincial capital Terni. The huge presence of dispersed settlements within the municipality of Narni highlights the necessity of a structured mobility service both for the main station/hub and for intra-district trips. For this reason, Narni has both standard public transport and a demand response transport (ChiamaBus). The suburban road transport service between the municipalities of Terni and Narni is carried out by Busitalia through 9 lines belonging to the extra-urban service of Terni, based with different schedules and times. The main railway service towards Terni and Rome is carried out by Trenitalia, Gruppo delle Ferrovie dello Stato Italiano. The Municipality of Narni presents an historical and artistic heritage – as castles, churches, museum, etc.., joint with a natural patrimony – as Mole di Narni, Gole del Nera, etc…. The tourists have the possibility to have a complete experience in the territory, from visiting roman and medieval monuments, to practice sport activities – as trekking and bike tourism. The total number of arrivals in 2022 was equal to 28 389, with an average of overnight stay equal to 2.25 days. The Municipality of Narni and the surrounding areas are characterized by a reasonable offer of accommodations, but the supply and the status of them represents a limit to the potential development of tourism in this area.

The municipality of Narni includes 21 rural and dispersed hamlets, and the population is distributed approximately as follows:

  • Narni administrative centre is located in the south of the Region. There are the main public services as health, public transport and education ones; for this reason, Narni represents a geographic, administrative and cultural centre for the nearest areas.


  • The Narni Scalo district diversifies itself for the high number of people that lives here respect the other villages. Indeed, the railway station of Narni is located in Narni Scalo, and there are also public and private organisations. For this reason, it represents a business and geographical centre for Narni capital. Its inhabitants are about 5,000. It is located about 4 km from Narni administrative centre.


  • The three District Towns of Ponte San Lorenzo, Testaccio and San Liberato have a total population in excess of 500 people each one;


  • About 9 villages, as Vigne, La Quercia, etc.., have a total population in the range 100 to 499 each one; all are located about 10-15 km from Narni administrative centre.


  • The others hamlets have a total population of less 100 people each one.





Key characteristics


Mobility & tourism challenges

The dispersion of the 21 districts within the Municipality of Narni and the low population density represent the main issues for the mobility sector. The challenge for residents of the smaller towns, villages and rural areas is the connection both for the main station/hub and for intra-district trips. There is weak or absent connectivity within Narni territory. The lack of connectivity also means that tourists and visitors can’t visit locations and attractions in Narni and its area without their private or rental car. In addition, the hilly and mountainous morphology represent another key factor in the huge use of private motorized transport, both for residents and tourists.

Concerning the tourism sector, the Municipality of Narni and the surrounding areas are characterized by a reasonable offer of accommodation facilities as hotel and bed & breakfast. The offer and the status of the accommodation facilities represents a limit to the potential development of tourism in this area. An important challenge is to make tourists stay longer within the municipality, which means expanding the visitor experience and offers a high level of quality in the hospitality and catering industry.

Mobility and tourism solutions


Chiamabus is an on-demand bus service offered by the Municipality of Narni in collaboration with BusItalia, that connects all the hamlets of the municipal territory. It allows to satisfies the needs of the residents living in the smaller towns, villages and rural areas connecting both the hamlets to the main station/hub and allowing the intra-district trips. First of all, the user must register himself/herself on the Chiambus service through the website or app. Later, the user shall open a new trip request identifying the date, the preferences of the schedule time and the departure and arrival stops of the trip. All the bus stops of BusItalia and CMT (school bus service) are available as stops for the Chiamabus service. The reservation of the route must be done a day in advance. After the receiving of the new user’s request from the mobility centre; the user will receive an email with the approval of the trip and the exact departure time. The ticket or the subscription for the Chiambus service can be purchased both on the app, website and to the ticket offices.

Mobility plan for the Corsa all’Anello

The Corsa all’Anello is an historical re-enactment dedicated to the patron saint Giovenale of Narni, that is held in the two previous weeks of the second Sunday of May. The municipality of Narni, in collaboration with BusItalia, offers a free shuttle bus for this particular event, that summons a lot of tourists in the municipality of Narni. The free shuttle bus starts from 06:00 pm to 01:30 am every non-working day and before holiday days during the event.

In addition, there are also three lines of the standard public transport service: Line 1 connects Narni historic centre to Narni Scalo (train station) every 20minutes; and Line 2 connects Narni historic centre to Santa Lucia every 40 minutes; and Line 3 connects Narni historic centre to Testaccio, in particular camping Monti del Sole and the parking area not equipped of Testaccio.

Also, it is present a payment bus shuttle service from Miriano to Narni historic centre every day from 06:00 pm to 01:00 am. The daily ticket costs 6.00€.

Narni Link

Narni Link is the intermodal bus and train service developed by the Municipality of Narni in collaboration with Busitalia, which manages the service, and Trenitalia, the Italian public railway operator. It was launched May, 13th 2023 and foresees an integration between the standard public modes of transport. The routes of the service are linked with the schedule of the arrival/departure of the trains from Narni Amalia station. It connects Narni centre to the train station, allowing an easier and more ecological trip to the users. The available linked routes, from and to the center of Narni, are about 30 during the workdays. Meanwhile, the users can rely on 12 routes per day, that cover all rail links mainly used from both north and south – as Rome, Foligno and Terni – during the weekend.

The intermodal tickets can be purchased in a single solution on all Trenitalia channels (Trenitalia website, app, ticket offices and self-service ticket machines, travel agencies and affiliated sales points). The extra cost of the bus ticket equal to 1.30€ is added to the normal price of the train. In addition, there are some discounts for specific users’ categories:

  • Children up to the age of four travel free of charge, both on the regional train and on the bus;
  • Children up to the age of 12 pay half the price on the train.

In addition, the users travel on the bus only, can purchase the ticket directly on board without price increase or at Busitalia ticket offices.

Shuttle service for Gole del Nera

The shuttle service for Gole del Nera is a free shuttle managed by BusItalia in collaboration with the Municipality of Narni. The service is active only from Friday to Sunday and for public holiday days during the summer season, from the beginning of June until the end of September. It connects the small towns of Narni Scalo, Ponte D’Augusto, Stifone and Nera Montoro. The hour of service is from 09:00 am to 06:30/07:00 pm, with a time interval of 30 minutes from one route to another. The residents and tourists can use the shuttle service for Gole del Nera to reach the river Nera for natural activities as swimming, trekking, etc… and leisure ones.

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