LAG Sdruzeni Ruze - Czechia

The Sdruzeni Ruze Local Action Group (LAG) encompasses a total of 26 municipalities. The LAG’s territory is located in the southern region of the country (South Bohemian Region). The LAG’s population was 33,127 inhabitants in 2021. The objectives of the LAG include improving quality of life and the environment, supporting innovation and cooperation, reducing disparities, and promoting sustainable development in their area. 

Sdruzeni Ruze LAG brings together a diverse community and the collective knowledge of citizens, non-profit organisations, and public administration, while Enerkom Ruze contributes with its specialised expertise and plans in sustainable community mobility within the energy community framework. Together, the LAG and Enerkom Ruze have the necessary ingredients to drive positive change through promoting sustainable and resilient mobility connections between remote rural areas and urban areas.





Key characteristics


Mobility & tourism challenges

The main transport challenges in the region include the need for better maintenance and modernization of Class II and III roads, the decline of public transport usage in favour of private cars, safety concerns related to high traffic volumes and increased truck traffic, barriers to cycling due to inadequate infrastructure, and the need for improvements in railways and the bus service. Introducing smaller, cleaner vehicles and addressing these issues would enhance overall transport accessibility, safety, and sustainability in the region. In the tourism sector, weak infrastructure, and service quality, as well as issues with networking, coordination, and marketing, pose significant challenges.

Mobility and tourism solutions

Car sharing in collaboration with the local energy community

To address mobility challenges, shared mobility solutions are being explored, including a shared car solution project in collaboration with ENERKOM – a local energy community closely connected with the Local Action Group.

Joint promotion of regional attractions

The LAG also collaborates with the Destination Tourist Agency, which operates for the neighbouring Local Action Groups (LAGs) in South Bohemia. The LAG is to raise awareness and attract visitors to these selected attractions through showcasing the unique offerings of the region, such as its local producers and curated tourist paths.

Organisations involved at the Lighthouse Site


Sdruzeni Ruze Local Action Group (LAG) 

Enerkom Ruze

Turistická oblast Novohradsko Doudlebsko

Adéla Pixova (LAG Sdruzeni Ruze)